Elizabeth "Liz" Fraser

Graduating from NYU with a BFA in Photography & Imaging, Liz worked several freelance positions in the photo world of NYC before becoming the Photo Editor in the Interactive department of Travel Channel Media in 2008.  There, she worked for 8 years to develop and improve the network's production photography, managing imagery for both TV Show and Original Content on TravelChannel.com.  In early 2016, she opened her own photographic practice, specializing in portraiture photography and freelance photo editing for websites such as Vacation.com.  In May 2017, Liz accepted a position at Arlington National Cemetery as their Official Photographer.  There, she has excelled at covering high visibility events and ceremonies such as the 2017 Memorial Day visit from the President and Vice President of the United States, and respectfully photographing funerals of fallen U.S. service members.  Liz also conceives, designs, illustrates, and publishes the monthly employees newsletter at Arlington National Cemetery, titled 'Hallowed Grounds', that is seen by high ranking military members and Army National Military Cemetery employees. 


Adobe Creative Suite, Nikon and Canon Equipment, Photo Research, SEO and Metadata, Social Media, Photography and Imaging, Photo Legal Rights and Usage


Official Photographer - Arlington National Cemetery

March 2017 - Present

Arlington, Va

·      Photograph ceremonies, funerals, and events in Arlington National Cemetery.

·      Photograph International Dignitaries, U.S. Politicians, and other high-profile official visitors to the cemetery.

·      Work in press pits and in conjunction with other media organizations covering events.

·      Turn images around in a quick and efficient manor for immediate news wire usage.

·      Write content for, illustrate, and design the monthly internal employee newsletter, Hallowed Grounds.

·      Upload images and provide accurate metadata for Defense Video and Imagery 

Distribution System (DVIDShub.com).

·      Edit images and create content for immediate use on social media 

(Flickr, Facebook and Twitter). My photos have reached over 4.5 million people in certain cases.

·      Provide accurate and informative captions for all images using AP Style.

·      Archive images for historic preservation, including adding relevant keyword information for easy search.

·      Suggest photographic essays that further tell the story of the cemetery and its mission.

·      Provide technical advice for photographic equipment and digital editing software.

·      Maintain $15,000 photographic equipment.

·      Maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.

·      Use Nikon cameras, lenses, and various other equipment.

Freelance - Elizabeth Fraser Photography

March 2016 - Present

Washington D.C. Metro Area

·      Consulted thoroughly with clients to make sure their wishes were addressed and expectations established prior to shoots.
·      Delivered final imagery on time while fulfilling clients desired photographic results.
·      Organized and maintained an independent business.
·      Developed a high level of client satisfaction through personable interactions and consistent results.
·    Employed Adobe CC (including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, and Bridge), Microsoft Office, Canon EOS 80D camera with a variety of lenses and filters.

Editor - Travel Channel

September 2015 - March 2016 (7 months)

Washington D.C. Metro Area

·       Created, researched, and built original content surrounding travel trends in the form of slideshows and articles on TravelChannel.com

·       Trained other Editors in digital photo research (including Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, Library of Congress, Getty and ThinkStock) as well as usage rights surrounding each type of photography.

·       Taught other Editors non-destructive photo editing through Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

·       Independently managed an archiving initiative that compiled over 7 years of Travel Channel production and marketing photography into a single online database.

·       Produced and maintained website content for several shows, including Ghost Adventures, Bizarre Foods, and Mysteries at the Museum.

Photo Editor - Travel Channel

May 2008 – September 2015 (7 years, 3 months)

Washington D.C. Metro & Greater New York City Area

·       Assisted in the training and management of 5 freelance photo editors over 6 years.

·       Provided photographic support for TravelChannel.com, which received 345 million page views YTD in 2015.

·       Spearheaded a 7-year effort to improve on-set photography for TV shows by collaborating with production companies and their photographers.

·       Provided constructive visual feedback to production companies in the form of official Travel Channel photo guidelines and individual shoot critiques.

·       Directed the timely delivery of TV show production photography, making sure all images were of correct digital specifications and contained appropriate metadata.

              ·       Increased the number of images users consumed during slideshow visits by utilizing web analytics and observing image consumption methodologies.

·       Developed strong relationships with a broad variety of photo agencies, including: Getty, Reuters, AP, Corbis, ThinkStock, Jupiter and 500px, as well as CVBs and location specific tourism bureaus.

·       Hired photographers for several travel related shoots across America.

·       Shot original on-set photography for several Travel Channel programs, including portraits of talent to support online and marketing promotional needs.

·       Employed Adobe CS 6, Vignette, Adobe CQ and Media Desk.

Freelance Digital Retoucher - John Francis Bourke, Inc.

August 2007 – August 2008 (1 year, 1 month)

Greater New York City Area

·       Implemented a non-destructive digital workflow for all post-production editing with RAW files.

·       Submitted images weekly to Getty and Corbis, including extensive metadata entry.

·       Trained interns in non-destructive digital editing, including beauty retouching, and FTP upload.

·       Employed Wacom pen and tablet with Adobe CS3 and Lightroom.

Freelance First Assistant - Paul Sunday Photography

September 2007 (2 shoots in 1 month)

Greater New York City Area

·       Assisted Paul Sunday on 2 shoots during the month of September for InStyle Wedding and Glamour Magazines

·       Assembled and managed lights, seamless backdrops, and digital cameras during high-action shoots

·       Kept safe working conditions while assisting in troubleshooting on-set.

·       Employed Profoto 7b and Bihead stribes, Elinchrome Octabanks, and Canon 5D cameras.

Digital Retoucher - WONK Furniture

May 2007 - September 2007 (5 months)

Greater New York City Area

·       Created digitally retouched images of furniture and homeware for company publications and website.

·       Worked closely with superior to craft specific imagery in line with the company’s brand.

·       Employed Adobe CS2 with RAW files.


Intern - The Museum of Modern Art

August 2006 – December 2006 (5 months)

Greater New York City Area

·       Contributed to the improvement of the museum’s digital image archive, migrating photographs from CDs to DVDs.

·       Assisted the photographing of museum artworks out of the Queen’s warehouse, including light set-up and image capturing.

·       Employed Adobe CS, Microsoft Excel and The Museum System.


New York University - New York, NY - 2003 to 2007

·       Major: Photography & Imaging

·       Minor: Linguistics, Italian Language

·       GPA: 3.6

Lyndon Baines Johnson Science Academy - Austin, TX - 1999 to 2003

·       Classes: Medical Micro Biology, BC Calculus, Pathophysiology

·       Extracurricular: Senior Yearbook Photo Editor, Student Counsel Historian, National Merit Scholar

·       Awarded “Best Sports Photograph” in Texas - 2003

·       GPA: 3.8